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Vice Ganda and Awra Vs. Maine Mendoza - Nung Akoy Bata Pa, Ipapasa Ko to sa Facebook Version Goes Viral!

We all have seen another craze from two kids and it was labelled "Nung Ako'y Bata Pa" and many netizens were astounded with the genuine video of the cute kids and it went viral all over social media. Now, the video became a craze because many netizens were doing their own version of the video and recently even famous celebrities are now making their own version of the craze.

Now, a video is now going viral after a showdown video of their own versions from celebrities such as Maine Mendoza and her brother and as well as Vice Ganda and Awra were put together and was brought to social media. Many netizens were surprised of their videos and are lauding the celebrities for a job well done. Who do you think did better? Is is Maine? or is it Vice and Awra. Share us your thoughts.

Source: Youtube