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Unbelievable Prank Pulled Off By This Guy Made All Netizens Terrified!

A video is now going viral all over social media because of this guy who pulled off an amazing prank and made many netizens terrified. There are a lot of prank videos all over the internet but this one is quit terrifying because of what this guy did and now his video has been going around social media and has been the talk of the town ever since.

The video shows a guy who's about to fall off in a tunnel because he is hanging by one hand and his other hand was holding his bicycle. The guy was talking to the one whos taking the video and he is asking for help. It was so overwhelming and terrifying because he is really about to fall off. Now, at the end of the video they showed that it just a prank and they were all laughing. The video immediately went viral all over social media and it gained the attention of many netizens. People are saying that at first they were really terrified and woried but at the end they were just victims of the unbelievable prank.

Source: Facebook