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Toni Fowler's Rant On Rapsy Girl Mariel Mallilin's New Viral Video Shocked Many Netizens!

The social media sensation and Rbreezy girl, Toni Fowler, has been the talk of the town ever since after she brought to facebook a rant to certain facebook user named Mariel Mallilin. We all that recently Mariel posted a comeback video from the song called "Starving" and the video became viral in just a few days it reached over 6 million views.

Now, many fans and supporters are happy with the video but not everyone of them are glad with the video. In fact, there are a lot of netizens are complaining about the video and one that caught the attention of many netizens is the rant of Toni Fowler regarding the said video and she brought to facebook all of her sentiments about it. This has caught the attention of many netizens but her post was later on deleted and luckily many netizens had a copy of the said post. This has started to brew a controversy between the two.

Source: Facebook