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This "Stoned" Guy's Theory On Life After Death Goes Massively Viral!

Many of us often wonder what would happen after the life that we have right now. What would happen next, do we still have the consciousness that we enjoy right now or do we just plain die and be gone in this world forever? With these kinds of questions, a lot of people often think about on such things and search for answers either in different philosophies, religions, and also confirm it within themselves. Just like this guy who is now massively famous after he posted an extremely deep theory about Life After Death.

The guy's name on facebook is Samuel Murray and he brought to facebook a thought in his mind about life after death, how will it be after we die and he came up with the thought that we might be just be born again and forget the life we had right now and all of what happened to us in this life will be a de javu in the next one. The post gained the attention of many social media users around the world. His words made different people brought forth their ideas, some supported, some remained skeptical about it, while some commented that it was really a good point to ponder on. Now, he has been the talk of the town on social media gaining over 30k reactions and 129k shares.

Source: Facebook