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This Man Was Called The Ultimate Fvckboy After 3 Of His Girlfriends Exposed What He Did To Them On Social Media!

We all have seen different men being exposed of their cheating on social media. Some of them were really extreme because they were caught red handed by their partners as well while some we can see violent reaction from both sides of the parties because one cannot control and accept what is happening with their relationship. But this story was brought to facebook and its quite different, and now the story of this man has gone viral all over social media and netizens have labeled him as of the ultimate cheaters.

The post was brought to facebook because of man named JM Almodiente and allegedy accused by three women that claimed to be his girlfriends. In the series of photos, you can see how this man was worked so hard in cheating these girls and apparently he is quite good in joggling three girlfriends at the same time. He all calls them "Asawa" or wife as a form of endearment and he has a 2 children in one woman and now the other one is pregnant and he is as well as dating another girl. The three girls talked to each other in messenger and compiled snaps of their conversations and brought it to facebook to warn other girls that might be his next victim. Now, the post immediately went viral online and many netizens gave out their sentiments and were all disgusted with what he did and it went to the point that a lot of social media users, pages, channels and websites. 

Source: Facebook