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This College Girl Flirted With A Taken Man And Their Conversations Were Leaked On Social Media. See What Happened In The End!

There is a controversial story that has been going around social media after a girl brought to facebook screenshots of conversation between her boyfriend and a flirty girl. We all have seen different cheating and love affair stories on the internet but this one is really differrent and it caught the attention of many netizens all over social media.

The college girl from UST started a conversation with a man whom she knew that he had a girlfriend. Right off the bat, she flirted with the guy and invited him to go with her in a hotel where in they can be together alone. But little did she know, the one she is talking to is the girlfriend of the taken man. The funny thing that had happened with the conversation that it ended up really savage and it is now gaining the attention of many netizens. The story is quite hysterical and it is must a read.

Source: Facebook