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The Easiest Way To Treat A Smelly Private According To Doc Ong!

According to Dr. Liza Ramora-Ong, the private are of a woman should not be smelly and must be free of any odor because the private organ has good bacteria that cleans the body which means if you have any fould odor on your private area, you might have an infection or hormonal imbalance. This one of the many challenges that most women faces today and in the video Dr. Ong shares about how to treat your smelly organ in the most easiest way.

The video contains four tips about how to take care of the health of your organ. First is know the cause, when it has foul odor you may have an infection or a discharge. You can treat it by washing your organ twice a day. You can only  use mild soap and avoid soaps which has a lot of fragnance and also avoid using perfume or fragrant material on your organ. You may use on your legs near the organ but not on the organ itself to avoid complications.

Source: Youtube