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Selena Gomez Posted Controversial Photos With Rumored New Boyfriend!

Everyone was shocked that the hollywood star, Selena Gomez, turned from a goody goody into a wild unpredictable popstar and now she is making headlines all over internet. Many have taken interest in the photos posted by the 24-year old singer and now she getting quite enough as she has now been the talk of the town all over social media and her pictures has gone viral all over.

Recently, the actress was seen making out with the celebrity photographer, The Weeknd, and their snaps became the topic on twitter and on social media. Yet in a mere 24 hours, the singer herself posted a controversial photo while being taken by the weeknd. The photo shows Gomez stripped nothing but only covering half of her body with a towel. Many netizens were all surprised with Gomez and the photo spread out like wildfire on social media. A few hours later the photo was deleted on the instagram account of the actress but many social media pages, channels, and websites already reblogged her photo.

Source: Youtube