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This Is The Reason Why Ogie Alcasid Is Judging On Tawag Ng Tanghalan On Showtime!

The singer song writer, Ogie Alcasid, is now on the heat as the social media spotlight is upon and has been the talk of the town ever since after a video of him is now going viral all over social media. We all know that Ogie Alcasid has recently transferred his and has signed a contract on ABSCBN and many netizens were shocked and surprise and everyone was left with a question why did he transfer. Now, the question has been finally answered in the video clip that was posted on social media where in he guested in the show called Tonight Show With Boy Abunda.

The video shows at first that he is welcomed by the host Boy Bunda and he responded warmly because he realized that everyone in ABSCBN is his friend and he knows almost everyone. Suddenly, the host asked him why do singers like him are transferring at ABSCBN, he answered that in ABSCBN offers a much more broader opportunity for musicians like him. The video caught the attention of many social media users and now gone viral all over. Many gave out their sentiments and many are all excited for Ogie to be part of the upcoming projects of the station. The video went viral up to the point that many social media channels, pages, websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube