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News: Isiah Victoria Speaks Up On Allegation That She Seduced A Married Man In Exchange Of iPhone 7!

Another controversy that has been the talk of the town by many netizens on social media after a woman brought to facebook her concern regarding a girl who allegedly a mistress of her husband. We all have seen different stories of cheating in social media but this one is really quite weird because the girl who was being blamed is now speaking out against the issue and she is denying it.

Recently, the girl named Isiah Victoria have been underfire after a controversy about her was posted by a facebook user named Luzviminda Panteleon. According to the post that Lizviminda brought, she was exposing the girl's doing with her husband.  Victoria is apparently seducing the husband and asking him to buy an iPhone7 for her. The post immediately went viral all over social media and many people have been disgusted and now netizens are bashing Victoria's account. Now she finally spoke up about the issue but many netizens are not convinced about her explanation. The issue has gone viral all over the internet up to the point that many social media pages, channels, websites have reblogged the controversy.

Source: Ncatalyst // PhilNews