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Motorcycle Accident In Tarlac Killed 3 Family Members And Only Baby Daughter Survived! Netizens Were Enraged With The Driver!

A CCTV footage of an accident in Capas Tarlac has been going around social media after it was uploaded on facebook. We all have seen different kinds of accidents on social media but this one is so horrible and it has gained the attention of many social media users. The cctv footage shows that a white SUV was already off the track and now a passing motorcycle was hit by the SUV resulting to a terrible accident.

The accident took away the lives of three people. A dad who is driving the motorcycle, a mom and a child. Whats even more sad is that the family that was dead on the spot in the incident left a baby child named Jillian who miraculously survived the accident and relatives reported that they just went in for the settlement money instead of pursuing the driver. This incident report was also brought out to facebook and many netizens were enraged because of what happened and gave out their sentiments to the driver of the SUV.

Source: Facebook