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Man Saves Suicidal Woman, Takes Advantage of Her, Then Realizes His Huge Mistake!

A story is now on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town by people on the cyberspace because of two people who have recently been broken hearted. We all have seen different heartbroken stories all over the internet and some of which had lead people into taking their own life. But not for this woman who apparently wanted to jump off a bridge but luckily meet this man who is also broken hearted that time and shared the same tragic feeling with her.

Now their story is now going viral all over social media. It is a about two persons who have been recently on a breakup and decided to take revenge on their partners. The story caught the attention of many netizens because of the hilarious ending. Later on, many social media pages, channels, and websites reblogged the story and it is going viral all over.

Source: Facebook