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LOOK: PBA Stars With Their Girlfriends and #12 Was a Shock!

We all have followed our different idols, how they train, how they spent their days and how they lived. Now, many of us would often wonder who were the woman behind these basketball superstars who are supporting them to rise to the top. Now, a video is going viral all over social medi becauase it featured the girlfriends and wives of the famous PBA stars.

The video shows the top 12 PBA stars with the most beautiful girlfriends and wives. They featured the girlfriends or wives of the famous PBA Stars such as JC Intal, Jimmy Alapag, Doug Kramer, Joseph Yeo, Gabe Norwood, Chris Lutz and many more. The video caught the attention of many netizens and fans and supporters couldn't help but be happy for them.

Source: Youtube