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Liza Soberano Finally Speaks Up On Joining Miss Universe Pageant!

The phenomenal actress and model, Liza Soberano, has been on the social media spotlight and the talk of the town ever since after a video report was brought to social media. We all know that one of the most beautiful actress in the country is Liza Soberano and a lot of fans and supporters are suggesting to the actress that she should join the Miss Universe soon and represent the country. 

And now, a video report from is going viral because Liza speaks about her thoughts in joining the Miss Universe. The actress said that she is now seeing herself now as an actor but not closing her doors for Miss Universe in the future.  The video immediately went viral for many of her fans, supporters and people are still encouraging her for Miss Universe. It went viral on social media and many social media pages, websites, and channels reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube // Elite Newsfeed