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Jollibee Crew Edcel Ched Makeover To Chloe Moretz Amazes People On Social Media!

A certain Jollibee crew named Edcel Ched has been on the social media spotlight recently because of one netizen who posted her photo on social media and netizens find her as a look alike of the Holywood Actress "Chloe Grace Moretz". The photo immediately went viral all over different social media websites and now Jollibee together with Mega Style had come up of something that surprised Edcel and stunned many social media users online!

They made a video where-in while Edcel was working at Jollibee Navotas Branch,  the Asia's Top Model Finalist named Katrina Rodrigue went in the store and ask for her. She broke out the news that Jollibee and Megastyle will give her an amazing Make-over! The video shows the transformation of the jollibee crew and it caught the attention of many netizens. Later on, the video even got the attention of the hollywood actress herself and tweeted that she agrees that they do look alike. The video went viral as Edcel Ched dazzles many social media users of her and build up a lot of fans.

Source: Facebook