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James Reid And Ex-Girlfriend's Love Story Is Now Viral Online! Find Out Why!

Most of the time, things will always get worse in a relationship if one of you are pursuing a greater career and as well as moving into a wider world. Just like what happened to the phenomenal actor, James Reid and his ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco. We all know that having a celebrity as your partner is really hard because there are more people that hits on your partner, everyone's eyes is on you even if you are not giving them any attention and others will always try to break you apart. Well here's what an ex-girlfriend of a celebrity James Reid feels like after they break up and it is now going viral all over social media.

On an interview during the behind the scenes of his onscreen partner, Nadine Lustre’s 21st birthday celebration, James Reid finally cleared the air out. He said the decision to breakup is mutual and it is something that is better way for everyone. “I wanted to take my showbiz career seriously and I found it too hard at the same time — handling both relationship and work — and I had such a big opportunity. I didn’t want to waste it. She [Villongco] understood naman,” Reid honestly answered. Now, photos and vides are now resurfacing online and it is now again going viral all over social media. Many fans, supporters, and netizens were caught on this issues and it has been circulating all over.

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