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In Japan, It's Common For Successful Women To Rent A Boyfriend For A Few Hours.

It is really good to enjoy the company of a friend or a person especially when that person is really special to you. We often would want our loved ones to spend time with us and cherish those special moments everytime. But for some of us because of the fast paced life that we have, we tend to be busy in many areas of our lives and do not have the time to spend on friendships and love. Now, a video is now going around all over social media and many netizens were wuite interested with it because they found out that in some way people in Japan found a solution in the fast paced life that you have and have someone accompany you.

The video shows a documentary of a foreigner who went in and tried the life of a hosto or kyabakura or in other words a professional "boyfriend for hire". These men will spend time with successful ladies who are willing to pay for their time. They will pamper these women, talk to them and encourage them and in turn women they date will give them gifts, surprises and as well as money. The video gained the attention of many netizens because of the nature of that kind of profession and many gave out their sentiments. It went so viral up to the point that many social media users, channel, and websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube