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Dad And Daughter Were Bashed On Social Media After What They Did To This Poor Taxi Driver!

A new taxi incident has been going around social media after a woman and her father posted a video on her Facebook account so that she could get sympathy from social media users. We all have seen different people who cried for help and justice on the internet or even warnings which in turn netizens made them viral for relating with the incident but this time the warning message just backfired to them because netizens find them as a very arrogant family and now the girl is now being dubbed as the "Taxi Girl".

On her facebook account, Ashby Aldane Cruz, she posted a video with a long caption and telling their encounter with the taxi driver but as you watch the video you can see that the taxi driver was really pissed with them because they were so arrogant. Now, many netizens gave out their sentiments up until that many people are bashing them. The bashing went on up to the point that they took the down the video and deactivated their accounts luckily, people got a copy of it and reposted it on social media.

Source: Youtube // Facebook