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Caught on Cam: Two Nurses Were Relaxing On-Duty While There's An Emergency In Front Of Them!

A concerned netizen posted a pictures of an emergency situation in a certain hospital and it immediately went viral all over cyberspace and has been the talk of the town recently. We all know that in emergency situations in hospitals people in the medical are all tensed and are all focused in saving the life that is right in front of them but these two nurses did the exact opposite.

The pictures shows that the two nurses were just relaxing while a man that needed an immediate medical attention was right in front them. The man and his family waited for their assistance and a concerned netizen took photos of it. Many social media users brought out their negative sentiments regarding the two nurses and they became viral all over social media. Later on, the photos were taken down but there social media users who grabbed the said photos.

Source: Confidential Files