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Bank Robber Points Gun At Two Kids, But He Has No Idea That Their Dad Is A Soldier Home From War!

A video is now going viral all over social media after a surveillance camera footage from a bank robbery was uploaded on social media and it caught a heroic act from a father and a soldier that was home from war. We all have seen different stories and videos of bank robberies but this one is quite different because it is an experience were everyone can relate on how a father would protect his children and this has made the video circulate all over social media.

The video shows a man with a green shirt with a gun attempts to rob a bank. While he was busy the Hero Dad, War Veteran Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, instructed his sons to get down to safety and take cover behind the chairs. But the robber so whats he is doing so he pointed the gun towards the kids and warned that if he moves the kids were going to get it. When the robber gets out, the veterean immediately run towards him and pursued and disarmed the the robber. People saw what he did and lauded him for his bravery. Now, a cctv footage was uploaded on social media and immediately went viral and many netizens lauded him for his heroic act.

Source: Youtube