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A Prophet From Thousands Of Years Ago Predicted Duterte To Lead The Philippines

A lot of people believe that everything happens for a reason, or that everything has been written even before us. Like this video that talk about a great prophet that has predicted a lot of things and now has happened in our time. Such prophecies are often amazing and are really accurate and many people believe that prophecies are meant to be a ray of hope to the people in the future.

Recently, a video about a prophecy of Nostradamus has gone viral all over social media websites and netizens can't help but believe what the prophet says about the country. Prophecies are known to some people, the collapse of the World Trade Center as predicted by Nostradamus, and now, speculations say that even Duterte's Presidency has also been prophesied. Check out the clip of passage below that talks about it.

Source: Youtube


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