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12-Year Old Boy Dead In Road Accident After Going Out On Motorcycle Without The Knowledge Of His Parents!

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a boy lost his life in a tragic car accident in Daang Hari Imus Cavite. This should be a warning to all parents out there for ee all knoe that sometimes our kids can make their own decisions without our knowldege and end up in a horrible and tragic accidents like this.

The video shows that the 12-year old boy, John David Maliksi, was found dead by witnesses and the authorities. According to his parents, the boy went out with the motorcyle to visit his friend and they dont have any knowledge about it because the boy just went out and took the motorcycle without permission. He was later on found by witnesses that he overtakes a truck and slides through the road and his motorcycle was in total wreck. The mother of the boy said to the reporter that she wants to share their story to warn the parents about this so that these things can be avoided.

Source: Facebook