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This Woman Sleeps With Her Dead Husband For Over 10 Years

A video is now circulating all over social media websites after a woman was reportedly found sleeping together with her dead husband. Yeah, dead husband. Apparently, there are people who likes to do this things or maybe they can't accept the fact that they're loved ones already left them. The video report is now making a fuzz all over social media and is now shocking many people all over the internet. 

The video shows that a belgium woman is so devastated by the death of her husband that she sleep next to his decomposing body for almost 10 years. According to reports, the widow is really attached to her husband and she really had hard time moving on but neighbors and relatives were always freaked out of her because they know that her husband was not buried yet and is right on her bed. The video was posted online and immediately went viral as many netizens found the video very creepy and weird. It gained over 1.3 million views on Youtube as soon as it was posted on social media up until it was being reblogged by different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube