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Will Hestitated On Kissing Aura Inside PBB House, Aura Says He's Gay!

Following the Pinoy Big Brother, another controversy rises as one of the latest episode was aired on tv and fans couldn't help but speculate on what happened in the event. The a short clip from an episode of PBB7 was now going viral after what happened in their party.

The video shows that Aura was getting really close with the co-housemate Will and was seen really being intimate. They dance together, they drank together and even embracing each other side to side but what happened after shocked many social media users. As Aura was teasing Will that night, Will was seemingly hesistating in going for Aura. What happened is Aura is constantly looking at will eye to eye and their faces were really close to each other but Will hestitated and moved away pretending that he wants to get something on the table. Later on, Aura has gotten drunk and said to her co-housemate that she found an amazing revelation and that is "Will is gay". This has caught the attention of Netizens and is now going viral after. Now fans and supporters were also shocked but still now speculating what happened that night. Some defended Will saying he is just being friendly with Aura and he moved away while she's drunk because he knows that Aura has a boyfriend. The video went viral and many social media channels, pages, and websites reblogged the video. 

Source: Youtube