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Victoria's Secret Model Gigi Hadid Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction In The Middle Of Runway!

The Victoria's Secret super model, Gigi Hadid, is now the talk of the town after a video of the Victoria's Secret Fashion went down last night was posted on social media. Hadid was known for her beautiful looks and awesome body physique and people can't help but be captivated by her beauty. Now, she is going viral all over social media because she has suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the runway. 

the video shows at first she was slaying the floor with the black fuzzy wings that perfectly matched her strappy black top and thigh high boots which give her an ultra dazzling glamorous look. And while walking the runway, a wardrobe malfunction happened yet she is such a pro that she handles well the malfunction and walk through it. People are now lauding her for stunning runway walk and many netizens were saying that she is such a pro that you wouldn't have even noticed the wardrobe malfunction. Now, the video went virall all over and it gained quite an attention on social media up to the point the many social media channels, pages and websites were reblogging the video. 

Source: Youtube