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Vice Ganda And Coco Martin's Super Funny Bathroom Prank In ABSCBN Left People Shocked!

The actor and tv host, Coco Martin and Vice Ganda, has been the talk of the town on social media after their prank video was uploaded on Youtube. The two have been known as bestfriend actors in the country and have been doing quite well industry especially in comedy films. Now, they are at it again and people are getting crazy about it. 

The prank video shows the two were inside a public toilet and they are waiting for their victims. One girl walks in the bathroom and then she saw that Vice and Coco were kissing. After that the girl was surprised of whats happening and Coco in a violent manner said to Vice that she needs to talk it out with the girl. They talked to her and the girl was being cornered by the two and were threatening her that if she squeals they will do something bad at her. Later on they will reveal the prank and ended up all laughing and in relief. This caught the attention of many social media users and have found the video very hilarious. Now it was being reblogged by many social media channels, pages and websites. 

Source: Youtube