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This Woman Will Be Imprisoned For 4 Years After Streaming This To Attract More Followers!

A report about a 21-Year-Old woman is now going viral after she was sentenced of four years in prison for what she did online. The woman's name is Sherry Gun and she was arrested by the Chinese police for filming herself and three others and engaging to an intmate act. In their country, live-streaming business is illegal because it promotes obscene videos and it corrupts the minds of the youth. A part of China's on going crackdown on the booming domestic live-streaming industry have young girls who live stream online and can make some serious cash by enticing their viewers into purchasing virtual gifts for them like roses, chocolates, designer bags, and such gifts depends on 'how far' these girls go.

Now the video report shows that Sherry Gun also known as 'Lin' is arrested together with two others, Wand and Li for making such a live stream video and for gaining a lot of followers. The police officers reported that her two-minute video became the top searched item in different search engines in China. They were put on trial and later on were sentenced for four years in prison. The video report caught the attention of many social media users all over the internet and it has become viral for many social media pages, channels, and websites re-blogged their story. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below.

Source: Youtube