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This Taxi Driver Didn't Know Where To Drop His Drunk Woman, So He Decided To Bring Her To The Police Station!

A woman and a taxi driver were now going viral all over social media after the authorities brought to Facebook what happened to them. We all know and have seen different crimes that involved taxi drivers and the danger that it imposes when having drunk passengers. Some are reported that most drunk passengers ended up being robbed, harrased and whats worse being killed. But this time its different how the taxi driver handled the situation and many netizens were lauding the tsxi driver for what he did. 

According to the post of the San Mateo Rizal Police, a certain good samaritsn taxi driver ended up with a totally crazy drunk passenger and has fallen asleep in his cab. The driver knowing thwt he wont get any payment and as well as didnt know where to drop her off, he decided to bring the drunk lady passenger at the police station and let the authorities took care of her. The police carried her immediately in the station and let her asleep and when she came back to her senses they asked for her details and let her relatives fetch her at the station. The police brought the incident on Facebook and gave the people a message that to be responsible in drinking as they are many people out there that can take advantage of you. Luckily the woman ended up with a nice person that brought her to the authorities. Many netizens were caught in the story and lauded the driver for what he did. The post immediately went viral all over social media as many people shared and reblogged the story. If you want to know more about what happened, you can go see on the link below for the actual post.

Source: Facebook