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This Strange Looking "Pig-like" Baby Is Now Terrifying People On Social Media!

A video is now making rounds all over social media because of a baby with strange features that are born with. We all see crazy stuff everyday on the internet but this one might be one of the craziest and most strange of them all and is now creeping out many social media users all over the cyber world. 

The video shows a baby which have features of a pig. It has a face of a human but her nose and ears are that of a pig. Even his body looks like one but it is still a human person. This has made many netizens afraid and a lot were saying out their sentiments and many has shared the video because of the shocking baby that they saw. The video went viral all over social media and it has gained over 2.4 Million views and over 5.7k shares on facebook. The video has gone so viral that it was re-blogged by different social media channels, pages, and websites because it has caught the curiosity of many people. 

Source: Facebook