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This Rude Guy Suddenly Punches Guard Because He Gave Him Security Security Inspection!

A CCTV footage is now going viral all over social media because of this rude guy who caused a commotion in a mall in Philippines. It is common in the country that a security guard will have security inspection before you enter in a mall but a tradegy happened because of it. 

The CCTV footage shows that a guy is entering the mall and the guard approached him to have a security inspection but suddenly the guy started shouting and complaining about it. The guard walks up and tell things about the guy but then the guy refused for the inspection and immediately punches the guard. Little did he know that a cctv camera caught the whole scene and it was later on leaked on social media as the management investigated the incident. The video became viral all over as it was being shared by many social media users, pages and websites. 

Source: Facebook