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This Man Saved P69,000 For Completing The Money Saving Challenge For 52 weeks!

A man named JB Dionisio is now hitting the social media spotlight and has been going around social media after he posted about completing the challenge that was given by Pinay Kuripot. We all have seen different challenges all over the internet but this one is something that everyone should think about. Its called the 52-week Money Saving Challenge and it is going viral after one person completed the task and has saved up to 69,000 pesos.

The post of JB Dionisio was brought to facebook after he followed the instructions of the money saving challenge in the Pinay Kuripot channel. The mechanics goes like saving a little amount of money every week and it increments little by little. After 52 weeks when completed you'll be able to save up to 69k. The post immediately went viral as many netizens were amazed and were lauding him for doing a great job. The website When In Manila had interview with him and he shared tips on how to stick on to the challenge. Now many netizens were caught in his success with the challenge and were all inspired to do the same. If you want to learn more about this, you can go see on the link below.

Source: Facebook