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This Man Jumps To His Death AFter Shopping Fight With Girlfriend!

A video is going viral all over social media after what happened to a 28-year-old man named Tao Hsiao in a shopping mall in Jinagsu Province in China. We all have seen and heard stories of couple fighting when in shopping mall because of the misunderstanding and the disaggreement they had with what to buy but this video is the same scenario but with a different ending. Yes, the guy due to his enrangement and anger to his girlfriend that he decided to jump off seven floors of the mall and eventually took a way his life.

Now, according to reports, the guy had a huge fight with his girlfriend and eyewitnesses said that they could hear them shouting at each other and already had more bags than they could carry yet the girlfriend insisted on going into one more store that had a sale on shoes. People then said Tao told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes than she could ever wear in a lifetime and that it was pointless to buy more. That's when his girlfriend started shouting at him and accusing him of being cheap and of ruining Christmas. The argument ended when the man threw all the shopping bags on the floor and then climbed a 1.5m high rail alongside an elevator shaft at the center of the mall and jumped. As he fell down seven stories, he smashed into Christmas decorations landing on one of the stalls below before falling to the floor. Now, the video report gained the attention of many social media users because of what happened and many netizens were giving out their sentiments saying that he got tired of his girlfriend and took away his life. Many were saddened and many were angered by the video and it went viral all over social media as many pages, channels and websites reblogged the story. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below.

Source: Youtube