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This Father Keeps On Lying To His Son, When I Learned The Reason Behind I Was Moved To Tears!

Everyone knows that our fathers are one of the most importante people in our lives. They are the strength of our homes and without them we are nothing yet we all know that even though they are really important to us, sometimes we took them for granted, ignore their sacrifices and hurt them in many ways. Just like this video story of a father and son who is touching the hearts of many netizens and is now circulating all over social media.

The story starts with the boy named Ohm and his Dad. Ohm lost his mother when he was just seven. Since then it was only his father who raised him. His dad became his mother. He did the laundry, the cooking and worked hard for him, everything a parent needs to do. Though most of the time he lied by saying he’s okay. He never showed what he truly feels. However, Ohm didn’t see the fine line between his father’s sacrifices. He even got angry with him and hurt his feelings. But still, it was his father who stands by his side. He then grew up and study abroad, leaving his father alone. His father always said he was fine and happy, he never said about his real condition until one day ohm finally found out and realized that his father is not just lying to him but sacrificing his whole life for his happiness. The video touched the hearts of many internet users as it went viral in different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube // Wereblog