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This Couple Was Just Practicing Dancing On The Streets, Up Until This Had Happened!

Everyone has experienced being a beginner in dancing and if we are so excited on the dance performance we are preparing, most of us practice everywhere even on the streets. But did you know that doing dance practices on the streets can lead into some accidents and lead into something terrible. Just like what happened to this couple who were freely dancing on the street because they are preparing for a show.

The video shows that there are two couples who are practicing a dance on the streets. Everyone was having fun in the group and they were even filming it because they are preparing for their show but the saddest thing happened to this couple and it has become viral all over social media. You'll see that the woman who is wearing a stripe dress and a man in back were just practicing and were really happy up until the man missed the moved and the woman tripped over the uneven ground of the street and she fell straight off the gutter of the road. Unfortunately, the gutter was filled canal water because i think it just rained moments ago so she was all wet and had terrible injuries on his leg. The video caught the attention of many social media users and some were even tagging their friends and warning them not to practice on the streets like this. 

Source: Facebook