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This Couple Tried To Test What Reaction People Would Do If They Do This Inside A Train!

We all have seen pranks and social experiments that have been viral all over the internet. From scary prank videos to boyfriend and girlfriend prank revenge. But now, another one of these pranks and social experiments has been making rounds all over social media and a lot of netizens were shocked because of the thing that this couple did. The point of doing a social experiment is to see how would people would react to the circumstances that they see or a situation that they would set up but you wouldn't believe what this couple would go for just to see how people would react to their stunt.

The video shows a couple were just sitting inside a train and clingy and cuddly and all, then, one moment the girl sits down in front of the man's lap and the man cover the head of the girl and had the time of his life publicly on a train. The people around at first were all intimidated and some couldn't even take what is happening that they rose up and transferred to a different seat. One person who were beside the couple was so happy of what he saw that he took a selfie with the two. There are different reactions of people but this video had caught the attention of many social media users and it has become viral all over. It immediately went viral and many social media channels, pages and websites re-blogged the video. 

Source: Facebook