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This Billionaire's Son Spends A Lot Of Money To Buy His Happiness!

A series of videos of a Chinese Billionaire's son is going around all over social media and has been the talk of the town on the cyber world. We all share the dream of becoming successful in life and live our dreams and goals but this one is different. One could imagine of having a better life but this son of a billionaire is going viral not because of some inspiring thing he did but because of his attitude in spending money and his looks.

The video shows the son named Chen Shan and he is the only son of a billionaire father who reportedly was the richest real estate investor in Meizhou, China. But according to reports, his father died early this year for some unknown reason and made Chen the sole heir of his father's fortune. Chen has some rare condition affecting his appearance, and has anemia and congenital enlargement of liver and spleen, jaundice and developmental problem which is the reason why he cannot undergo plastic surgery despite of his crazy wealth. In the series of his videos, he always boast about his wealthy life showing expensive cars and making out with beautiful and sexy ladies who, according to him, he had payed a lot of money just to be with with him. The videos caught the attention of many social media users and has become viral all over social media and it was reblogged by different social media channels, pages and websites. 

Source: Youtube // Part 2