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This Beautiful Girl Was Caught On Cam Stealing P12,000 From A Restaurant!

A video is now viral all over social media after a social media user Bhel Gacosta brought to facebook a sad incident involving a young beautiful girl. She posted on facebook a cctv footage that was caught in a restaurant where in it shows a young girl and was accused of theft. Now, we all have seen different cases of robbery and theft all over the internet but netizens were quite surprised and couldn't believe that this innocent looking beautiful young girl can do such a thing.

The video shows that the girl went in the cashier and took around Php 12,000 pesos right under the nose of the cashier. Later on, Gacosta, the cashier who was assigned during that time, brought to facebook her sentiments and warning to all the social media users out there. The incident happened on November 25 at Healthy Cravings Robinsons Santiago. Gacosta said that a beautiful lady approached her and ordered their best seller. The lady also asked if she could exchange some paper bills with her and after getting their trust the suspect took advantage of her and took 12,000 pesos. The video went viral all over social media and later on was investigated by the authorities and social media users and the girls identity surfaces all over social media. Many netizens are giving out their sentiments towards the girl and telling her that at the price of 12,000 pesos you have exchange your worth for that and you are now famous all over the country. The video went viral as many netizens shared the video in order to help the restaurant in looking for the wanted suspect.

Source: Facebook // Picture