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There's A Company That Turns Dead People Into Diamonds! Shocking!

A video is now going viral all over social media because of a company which promotes their new technology that can turn human bodies into diamonds. We all know that natural process of diamonds is really long and hard, the minerals from decomposed dead animals and plants were beneath the earth's surface and was processed to the intense heat of the ground. Now this certain company replicated the process by the use of machines and is now promoting that if you have a loved one who died recently they can turn it into diamonds instead of having funeral services.

The company's name is Algordanza and the CEO who conceptualized the idea is Rinaldo Willy and has shared the process of how diamonds created in nature. Now, its a new craze that allows people to memorialize their family members, human or animal, by turning their remains into precious stones.Now, the video gained quite an attention on social media because many social media users were shocked after hearing about it, some would say its unethical to a loved one but others say that it is good to have this done for loved ones to have a memento of you. The video became viral all over social media as it was shared by different social media channels, pages, and websites. 

Source: Youtube