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The Reason Why Donita Rose's Husband Had Left Her! Shocking!

The actress and model, Donita Rose has been the talk of the town in social media recently because of breaking up with the husband Eric Villarama after being together for almost 12 years. We all know that two years ago the couple revealed that their marraige is getting rocky and were trying to fix it, it was on and off and finally Rose decided to unveil the reason to many people why they broke up and now it is going around social media gaining the attention of many netizens as the reason shocking and mysterious.

Last sunday in 'Good Times With Mo Twister' podcast last Sunday, Donita gave the detais of their separation when a caler told her story that she caught his boyfriend having an affair and having a hard time in moving on. The actress said that the number one key in moving on is to 'forgive yourself first'. Later on, she mentioned that her separation with her husband was caused by "character flaws and "Character issues" and according to her she did everything she thought she could but she lost at the end of this deal because that person left her. She also added that even if she done things differently, that person would have left her anyway because its a character issue. The episode gained the attention of many social media users and lauded the actress for being strong. Some were shocked yet some were still supporting the actress for being strong and independent. Now it caught the attention of the social media to the point that many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the story.

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