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Street Kid Approaches Car To Beg For Money, But When He Looked Inside He Bursts Into Tears!

We have heard and read different stories all over the internet about people who are caring for the homeless. We have seen many acts of random kindness of everyday people and being lauded by many social media users all over the internet because of their heart for caring for the poor. This time its the other way around but quite heartwarming when you hear the story of this street kid that is living on the streets of Nairobi Kenya and is now making rounds all over social media websites because of what happened to him while he was begging.

The street kids name is John Thuo and what he does everyday is to wait for cars to stopped and approach them for him to beg money and earn himself money to buy food for his family. One day, the kid approaches a car to beg for money but when he looked inside, he saw a woman which made him cry. The woman's name is Gladys Kamande, 32 years old and she suffered with collapsed lungs causing her to have shortness of breath. She is constantly relying on an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders and a generator to breathe, carrying the supplies with her at all times. She already had gone through 12 surgeries and one surgery ruptured her optical nerve causing her blindness. The street kid was curious so he asked the woman what all of her gadgets were for. SHe explained her situation and John began to cry, realizing how difficult his street life maybe and the woman had it so much worse. Their story and the photo is now going viral all over social media and many netizens felt the heartwarming experience that this two had shared. It went viral all over the internet that many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the story.

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