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Rico Yan's Last Message To Claudine Barretto Is Making Netizens' Hearts Broke!

The former celebrity couple, Claudine Barretto and the late actor Rico Yan has been on the social media spotlight and many netizens are talking about them after what they saw about them on social media. We all know that Rico Yan passed away and it broke the hears of many fans, supports and filipino people and now many are still missing the couple and still being brokenhearted after they read the final message of Rico Yan to Claudine. The letter was brought on to social media and it is now going viral all over.

The post shows how Rico Yan have thank her and how he had the best night of his life with his beloved Claudine. In the letter he described how wonderful she is and how he already misses her and he tells her how much he loves her, it was very sweet yet the post immediately went viral because its breaking the hearts of many netizens and fans of the love team. Others said their sentiments that they were missing the couple so much and some were really into saying that there is forever between the two. Now, it went viral up to the point that many social media channels, pages and websites reblogged the post. If you want to see the actual letter, you can go see on the link below.

Source: Facebook