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People Actually Paid $1000 Just To Watch This 5-Minute Show From The Best Illusionist In The World!

A well known Dutch Illusionist Hans Klok is now the talk of the town in social media after attempting to set a new world record, 15 grand illusions performed in just 5 minutes and it was held in Paris. Now, many knows him as a great illusionist and trying to beat the world record himself yet people who wants to watch the show were asking why would they pay a whooping $1000 dollars for a ticket for a 5-minute show. It is now going viral all over though the performance was really superb.

The video shows that the illusionist successful delivered over 15 grand illusion in 5 minutes and people who watched were all amazed with his illusions. Now, the video has gained quite an attention on social media because of the price of the said show. Many netizens gave out their sentiments, some believed that it was worth it while others said it is not and you can just watch it online after. The show was successful and Klok was also successful in beating the record and it was a beautiful and grand performance. Should you want to watch it the link below provides for the video. The video now became viral gaining over 13.5 Million views on Youtube and is still going around social media for many social media channels, pages and websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube