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This Woman Nurturing In Public Was Ridiculed By A Restaurant She Went In For Dinner!

We all know that the best way to feed a newborn baby is the milk that was nurtured by the mother and it is every mother's right to feed her baby the way she wants it and whenever she wants it. But unfortunately, a lot of people may judge these mothers who are actually trying to nurture their babies as inappropriate for reasons that their chests must be covered at and it is just a private thing to do that is why its in appropriate in public. This lead many mothers feels ashamed and judged and sadly many people are saying nasty comments and shaming such mothers who are only trying to feed their babies. Like this mother who is now going viral all over social media after what happened in the diner where in she nurtured her child publicly while eating.

A facebook user and a mother named Ashkey Kaidel posted a photo on social media together with her response to the diner who tried to shame her because she is nurturing her child in public. She said in her post that nurturing your child is legal and all mothers are protected under federal law, another sentiment she said that she is now saying that everyone should do it publicly but she wants to tell everyone that we must see that it is part of our very nature to feed our babies this way and not look at it as inapproriate. She gave an amazing post and it touched the hearts of many people all over social media up until her post became viral all over the internet. Her post gained over 124k shares on facebook and many social media pages, channels and websites re-blogged the post. 

Source: Facebook