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Luis Hontiveros Hokage Moves On Cora Waddell While Inside PBB House!

Following the PBB7 episode, the housemates are getting quite close inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. We all have seen that there are many love stories that have been made in the show because of the adventures and the time they spent inside the house. Now, fans couldn't help but notice that another possibility of "Love" is rising again in the current season of PBB. 

A video clip on an episode of PBB7 is now going viral all over social media after the PBB Housemates had wildest party game ever. At first the clip shows the Mata twins became a contestant of the game where in they will roll an egg using an eggplant that was tied in their bodies and after that hilarious game another game was set up. The housemate went into pairs their objective was to carry an apple to a certain finish line without using their hands. So the partners talk about how would they carry the apple, many of them decided to hold it by using their faces but for Cora and Luis they decided to hold it by the neck. The clip also showed how the two were arguing and were really looking like a cute couple. The game started and it was really cool yet netizens couldn't help but notice that moves that Luis had done with Cora and they couldn't help but be happy for the two. The video gained the attention of social media users and now going viral all over social media to the point that many social media channels, pages and websites re-blogged the video.

Source: PBB7