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Legal Wife Orders Arrest Of Seaman Husband And Mistress After Catching Them At Motel! Cheating Men Watch Out!

A video is now going viral all over social media after a Facebook page named SunStar Cebu posted a story about a legal wife who caught her seaman husband cheating on her with a mistress inside a motel in Lapu Lapu Cebu. We all have heard different cheating stories getting caught but this time the legal wife took matters in the hands of the law. 

The video shows that the cheating couple were handcuffed together and it went viral after their video was posted all over social media and it has caught the attention of the online community. According to SunStar Cebu, the wife was so decided to get them that she ordered their arrest for concubinage and was able to press charges against them. This has gained the attention of many social media users and a lot of netizens were lauding the wife for her bravery and the action she took. Many are still on debate whether who is right or wrong but the video is still on the social media spotlight gaining over 500k views and 10k shares on Facebook. 

Source: Facebook