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Famous Child Stars Who Have Not Been In The News When They Died!

We all hear lots of stories when celebrities had an accident or worst when they died. Many of which are still being commemorated because of the huge impact and fan based that they have made. But did you know that there a lot of child stars that have not reached their full potential as actors and actresses because something unexpected happened to them and their life was cut short. 

Now, a youtube channel named The Richest created a short clip about the young celebrities who have passed away early and was not reported in the news and after the video was posted it went viral online because many people were shocked when they found out that their idol celebrities have gone in this world without them knowing. Some have died of a terrible disease, while some died because of a criminal attack and while some died because of extreme over dose from drugs and alcohol. The video gained the attention of many social media users and it became viral for many social media channels, pages and websites have re-blogged the video. 

Link Source: Youtube