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Everyone Was Shocked After What Rapper Abra Did While On Air In It's Showtime!

The celebrity rapper, Abra, is now going viral all over social media after a video clip from the latest episode of the show called 'It's Showtime' was posted on social media. The rapper Abra gained his popularity in a rap battle competition called "Fliptop" and later on TVCs and music videos. But, everyone knows that the rap battle culture is unlike of the mainstream where in their words and actions were quite loosed because their popularity is on social media unlike of the Noontime tv shows where in they are broadcast on national television yet the rapper seems to have brought with him something that made quite a surprise to everyone who watched and as well as who saw on the internet. 

The videos shows a portion of 'Its Showtime' and then the rapper Abra appears to be a guest judge or Hurado. It is common on the show that guest judges were asked to the a "Sample" of their talent. So when Abra was asked to do a sample, he gave everyone a freestyle rap and it was really shocking. The first part of the rap was really good but coming to the end part, Abra said a thing that was not allowed om National TV and also did a gesture that is also prohibited on air. Though he made it looked like a joke but then many social media users see it otherwise. Now the video caught the attention of many social media users and it went viral all over social media and people are all shocked of what happened and this lead to many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the story.

Link Source: Facebook