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Cristine Reyes Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction During Dance Performance On ASAP Stage!

The actress and model Cristine Reyes has been on the social media spotlight again and has been the talk of the among social media users as her video on a TV show had resurfaced once again. We all know that actors and actresses when they are on air had limited time to prepare and change clothes in their segments on the show and sometimes this would led to unexpected wardrobe malfunctions that is why a lot of talents had experienced such tragedies but only a few can handle such malfunctions confidently.

Now, a video of the wardrobe malfunction of Reyes was caught on air during a show called ASAP has been going around social media. The video shows that the actress was just having a great time giving a dance performance to the crowd as she goes around waving her hair and pulling out some crazy moves on stage yet on the last part of the video that wardrobe malfunction was caught. It seems that shorts that the actress was wearing was pretty loose and the angle of the camera has caught the malfunction. The video caught the attention of many social media users and it became viral all over the internet up to the point that many social media pages and websites re-blogged the said video. 

Source: Youtube