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Creepy Sadako's Head Appeared On Kendall Jenner's Photoshoot! Is It An Omen?!

The supermodel and reality TV Star, Kendall Jenner, is now the talk of the social media world after a photo of her went viral on social media. The model is always known for her stunning and glamorous look in photos and have made fans and supporters wait for the latest update about her. But, recently a photo was posted and as usual it went viral but this time not for the glam and dazzles but for another creepy reason.

The photo was posted by the model herself on facebook and it made social media users terrified. The photo shows a creepy head like figure and looking like "Sadako" between the head and the arms of the model and it gave everybody the goosebumps. This has caught the attention of many netizens and people are saying that it was really a ghost but others were saying it is because of the lights and improper editing of the image. Now the photo has gone viral all over the internet and have been reblogged by many social media websites and pages. 

Source: Facebook