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Beastmode MMA Fighter Knocked Out Ring Girl After Losing Fight By Decision!

The MMA Fighter known as Andrew 'The Beast' Whitney, has been the talk of the social media world after losing in his bout against Farkhad Sharipov at Titan Fight Championship 42. What happened was unexpected because The Beast had been on a four-fight winning streak and yet he lost and to his dismay a terrible incident had happened after the announcement and it was aired on television. Now, many social media users saw the video and is now going viral all over.

The video shows that the MMA Fighter, Andrew Whitney and Farkhad Sharipov has just ended the fight and were waiting for the judges decision. While waiting for the announcement, the referee lined them up and Whitney is ready to win because he was confident of his performance. Now when the announcement was made, he then realized that he had lost and turns around and throws a punch in the air but he didn't realize that behind him was the ring girl of the fight. So instead of throwing a punch in the air, he accidentally punched the ring girl's face and it was a direct hit to the chin. You can see in the video that the ring girl was badly hit and it was aired on TV. The video caught the attention of many social media users and it has gone viral all over different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube